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Nigerian Buns

Nigerian buns are similar to doughnuts, though, unlike Nigerian Puff Puffs, they’re made without yeast. They have a crisp outside and a soft, pillowy inside. The flavor is mildly sweet, with a hint of nutmeg and lime zest. Nigerian Buns are a fun snack or breakfast and go great with coffee or tea.

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Honey Glazed Greek Doughnuts (Loukoumades)

Loukoumades are delicious, soft and airy, fried confections with a sweet and sticky honey glaze. The recipe is easy and can be made with very little prep time, aside from waiting for the yeast to proof. These doughnuts go well with coffee, tea, or (if you’re feeling decadent) ice cream!

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Bara Brith (Welsh Tea Loaf)

This traditional teatime bread is filled with dried fruits soaked in black tea overnight. It’s moist, sweet, and fruity. It’s perfect slathered in butter and paired with a strong cup of English breakfast. For this recipe, we used a mix of dried apricots, prunes, cranberries, and dates.

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Welsh Cakes

Welsh cakes are a traditional treat similar to griddle scones. Cooked in a skillet on the stovetop, they have a crispy outside and a soft inside. In flavor and texture, they’re reminiscent of an old-fashioned doughnut, though not as greasy, as they aren’t fried. Welsh cakes are wonderful with black tea. You can also make them with dried currants.

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Easy and Delicious Keto Granola

Do you love granola but eat keto? Or maybe you don’t eat grains and miss that excellent breakfast of crunchy goodness? Seek no further. This easy recipe makes an extraordinary, crispy, sweet granola, without grain or sugar, that goes perfectly with yogurt and fresh fruit! Tip for yogurt, get plain whole milk and sweeten it to taste using monk fruit sweetener. If you do paleo rather than keto, you can use coconut sugar instead of monk fruit sweetener.

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Fillo Cinnamon Roll Custard Cake

This dessert is sure to impress while being very simple and straightforward to make. The fillo cinnamon rolls will have a crispy top and soft bottom, much like the center of a sticky bun. The custard that holds it together has a mild sweet flavor. The cream cheese icing is the perfect finish—all in all, a delicious dish perfect for dessert or a Sunday brunch.

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Sunflower Breakfast Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast? These delicious morsels are packed with protein and leave off the gluten, butter, and processed sugar. You can even replace the eggs with flax eggs to make them vegan. Perfect for people who love peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies but want something a little healthier to start their day!

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Blueberry Basil & Chèvre Galette

Blueberries and basil are a match made in heaven. Add chèvre cheese, and it’s even better! This simple country pastry has the perfect balance of savory and sweet. It works well for breakfast, dessert, or as an appetizer.

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