Paintings Pictured Above are by Judy Bink

Paintings Pictured Above are by Judy Bink

Art in the Cafe

Every month, the Blue Hill Co-op features a local artist in the cafe. You may see paintings, photography, textiles, felted pieces, or any other type of visual art. We're proud to showcase artists from the Blue Hill Peninsula and to help people find new additions to their personal collections. 


Are you an artist?

If you're interested in having your artwork exhibited at the Blue Hill Co-op please contact Mary Barnes, our exhibition coordinator, at (207)-610-2344. 

This Month's Featured Artist is

Penny Walls

Winter Wind Designs Photography

My name is Penny Walls and I live in Lamoine In the past two years, I have taken a real interest in photography. I find landscapes and wildlife to be my favorite subjects. I try to always travel with my camera as each day can be a true adventure capturing Maine’s natural beauty. I soon realized I was looking at things in a whole new light trying to find that perfect picture and soon I was hooked with a new hobby.
— Penny Walls
P Walls - Somesville.jpeg
P Walls - Winter Harbor.jpeg
P Walls - Bass Harbor.jpeg

Come into the Co-op Cafe to see this artwork in person, as well as the other pieces in the exhibination. 

Last Month's Artist was Anina P. Fuller

Fuller-Brita's White Garden.JPG