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Art in the Café

A Community Art Space

Local Artists of all Styles

Every month, the Blue Hill Co-op features a local artist in the café. You may see paintings, photography, textiles, felted pieces, or any other type of visual art. We’re proud to showcase artists from the Blue Hill Peninsula and to help people find new additions to their personal collections.

This Month's Featured Artist is Eric Balcanoff


Birds have always sparked a deep curiosity in me. The way their colors and the patterns on their feathers can seem too beautiful, almost too perfect to be a random product of nature. They’re such delicate creatures, looking quite fragile. And yet they fly thousands of miles each spring and fall, sometimes in a single stretch, to reach their breeding grounds. The fact that they’re quite literally modern-day dinosaurs, which seems hard to fathom when observing a hummingbird in your backyard, but other times seems so obvious, like with this Great Blue Heron, with its prehistoric features and scaly feet. I picked up bird photography during the pandemic while living in New York City, when time was abundant but safe activities felt few and far between. I’ve become captivated both by the fleeting encounters with rare migratory birds, as well as the close, intimate connections made with resident birds observed over long stretches of time. As a photographer, I love the joy that a photograph can capture details easily overlooked in real time. In the fall of 2022, I spent many early mornings looking for bald eagles to photograph in Patten Bay of Surry, Maine. While the eagles either eluded me or flew by at a distance that would be challenging for even the longest telephoto lens, this Great Blue Heron kept me company. By the end of my Airbnb vacation, 'my' Great Blue Heron felt like a fierce and somewhat aloof friend, but one forever embedded in my mind's eye. I watched him fly gracefully, hunt methodically, and stumble around the shoreline searching for crabs in the seaweed. These photos offer a small glimpse at the humbling connection I made with this Great Blue Heron, and I can only hope you too can feel it as well.

Eric Balcanoff has always loved all animals and has an appreciation for how photography freezes details that are easily missed when observing birds with the naked eye. As a wildlife photographer, Eric has traveled to a dozen countries and throughout the United States with his camera, including a trip to Maine in 2022 where the images in this showcase were taken. Eric can be found almost daily, in NYC’s Central Park photographing birds or walking his dog, Winnie.

Last Month's Artist Was Steve Brookman

Upcoming Shows

July: Katama Murray – Prints

August: Julia Hanway – Paintings and Inks

September: Jeri Gillin – saori-style weaving

October: Joan Tibbetts – Artist’s Club

November: Catharine Lentz – Photography

Are You a Local Artist?

We’re currently scheduling for spring, 2025.

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