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The Harvest Herald is Blue Hill Co-op’s quarterly newsletter, available in print and online! Each edition has 12-16 pages with articles written by our staff and working owners, original Co-op recipes, puzzles, and more. It’s widely regarded as a terrific read with one Co-op owners saying, “It’s the only thing I read cover to cover.” 

Ways to participate:

  • Share pictures about the Co-op and use #bluehillcoop for a chance to have them published in the newsletter.
  • Write an op-ed, poem, or short essay and send it in for a chance to have in published in Co-op Voices.
  • If you’re a working owner, you can get hours by writing longer articles for the newsletter. 

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Interested in Contributing to the Harvest Herald?

Co-op Voices is a place for you to express yourself as a voice in our Co-op community. It is a special place for our Co-op community to submit articles of their own to The Harvest Herald, our quarterly newsletter. We hope to provide a platform for community to express themselves. We’d love to hear from you about your experience with the Co-op.

You can write an op-ed, poem, short essay, or another small piece. Please send your submissions to newsletter@bluehill.coop. Articles should be no longer than 400 words and may be edited for readability and grammar, not content. Depending on space, it is possible that not every submission will be published. Deadlines for Submission are Spring Edition – March 1, Summer Edition – June 1, Autumn Edition – September 1, Winter Edition – December 1.

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Local business looking for local eyes? Advertise in the Harvest Herald, distributed quarterly to our customers and 2,000+ owners.

1/8 page (3”h x 4.93”w) $35/issue • $120/year (4 issues)

1/4 page portrait (6”h x 4.93”w) $65/issue • $240/year (4 issues)

Ad creation: free of charge


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