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CO+OP DEALS are a program offered through NCG, bringing hundreds of discounted items to Blue Hill Co-op’s shelves. These change every two (occasionally three) weeks and include items from almost all the departments. The flyer only shows a selection of the items available this deal cycle. The best way to find out what you can get is to browse the aisle and look for the green tags, or check the sale page on WebCart. There’s also a mobile app for Co+op Deals!

Sometimes during a Co+op Deals cycle there will be some great BOGO deals included! We usually display them by the entrance.

Every quarter you’ll see a new selection of coupon tear pads throughout the store that offer great savings on hundreds of products. Everyone is welcome to use the coupons. Just grab the ones you want and take them to the register when you’re ready to check out! Sometimes they are items already on sale through Co+op Deals, getting you an even better discount!

Co+op Basics offers ongoing value prices on many popular grocery and household items. These great, low prices are the same for all our customers every day, and are offered on many of your favorite products. Look for the purple signs around the store. Some popular Co+op Basics are Field Day Organics (over 200 products), Equal Exchange bulk coffee, Yogi teas, and more.

These sales are set by our department managers when they get a great deal from a vendor on a product. The sale will last as long as our vendor’s promotion lasts. Look for the red tags!

When you see this blue tag, you know that this is a limited time sale. Often it’s only a day or two. Grab these discounts while they last!

SNAP/EBT is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net in the country, offering nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families and providing economic benefits to communities.

Farm Fresh Rewards – SNAP/EBT shoppers receive a 50% point-of-purchase discount on eligible fruits, vegetables, legumes, and seedlings.
  • With Farm Fresh Rewards SNAP/EBT shoppers receive a 50% point-of-purchase discount on a wider variety of eligible fruits, veggies, legumes, and seedlings.
  • Be sure to tell the cashier that you will be using your SNAP/EBT card to receive the discount
  • Use the map above to find participating locations, and look for in-store labels to find eligible food.
  • The Farm Fresh Rewards discount is eligible on fresh, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables that contain no added salt, sugars, or fats. Food-producing seeds and seedlings count too!
  • The Farm Fresh Rewards discount is available at any store participating in the Farm Fresh Rewards program.

Teacher Tuesday

 In partnership with The Penobscot Bay Teachers Association, the Blue Hill Co-op is happy to offer Teacher Tuesday. Our community’s school teachers work hard to ensure the education of our kids. Teacher Tuesday is our way of saying thanks and offering some support to these everyday heroes.

Please Note: you must tell the cashier you are a teacher so they know to give you the discount.

Teachers receive 10% off their café items every Tuesday, $20 transaction limit. They must inform the cashiers that they are a teacher to get their discount.


The next tag to look out for is the Owner Bonus Buy pink tag. These deals are on a month-long cycle and are available just for our Co-op Owners. Every month there is a selection of items from most departments.

During our quarterly sales events, Co-op owners have one week to get 10% off the transaction of their choice.* In this way, you can choose the best time during the week to enjoy your discount. We have four scheduled sale weeks but sometimes have surprise sale weeks at other times. *Some exceptions, such as items already on sale (like Co-op Deals), periodicals, and special orders.

Special Orders

Co-op Owners can submit special orders to receive a 15% discount on case sizes and 20% off vitamins ordered in quantities of three or more. It’s a great way to buy bulk goods you use a lot of, pet food, coffee, paper products, your kids favorite school snack, and more. 

Working Ownership

Did you know that you could have 10% off every day of the year as a working-owner? By volunteering some time each month, you could earn your household this discount. The discount isn’t the only benefit, though. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re a vital part of the operations of the Co-op. We couldn’t do it without you! This is your store.

SHARE Supporting Households and Reaching Everyone

At Blue Hill Co-op, we are committed to accessibility and inclusivity in our community. The SHARE (Supporting Household and Reaching Everyone) program is designed to make local, organic, and wholesome foods more affordable to qualifying members of our community. SHARE provides a 10% discount on every purchase* for co-op owners who are enrolled in a qualifying assistance program like SNAP/EBT or WICC.

*Discount has some exceptions such as periodicals & alcohol.

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