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Mon-Sat 8am – 8pm & Sun 8am – 6pm

Quarterly Sale Weeks

During our quarterly sales events, which center around the seasonal solstice/equinoxes, Co-op owners have one week to get 10% off the transaction of their choice.* In this way, you can choose the best time during the week to enjoy your discount.

The sale is also available to owners shopping on WebCart. To participate in the sale, make sure you’ve created your account and are signed in. The Full Moon discount will be applied to your first order of the week automatically. Please plan accordingly.

*the 10% discount does not apply to periodicals, special orders, and items already on sale, such as Co-op Deals, Co-op Basics, and Bonus Buys.

2024 Dates

Spring Equinox Sale ~ March 17-23

Summer Solstice Sale ~ June 16-22

Autumn Equinox Sale ~ Sept 15 – 21

Winter Solstice Sale ~ Dec  15 – 21

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