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Special Orders

Co-op Owners can submit special orders to receive a 15% discount on case sizes. Please use the form below to order cases. If you need to order cases for more than one item, submit the form multiple times.

Include the UPC or PLU of the item as it is shown on the WebCart listing. If you are requesting an item we do not stock, enter "unknown."
Short description for verification. (Example "Organic Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea")
How many cases would you like? If you're ordering a supplement or vitamin, how many groups of three would you like?
If you have any notes for our team, put them here.

Special Order FAQ

If you can’t remember your number, you can call the Co-op at 207-374-2165. Or, write the name of the primary owner on your account. If you have your owner tag, it’s the number on the barcode. We only need the last 4 digits.

Look up items on WebCart for UPC and PLU numbers. If you are requesting an item we don’t usually stock, you can write “unknown.” We may reach out for more information so we’re sure we can get your items.

Case sizes vary by product. It’s generally 6 or 12 items to a case, but for precise information on the item, call us at 207-374-2165 and ask to speak to the WebCart team. Vitamins and supplements come in quantities of 3.

Special orders are eligible for 15% off shelf prices. The overall price will be decided by how many items are in that case. For specific information, call us at 207-374-2165 and ask to speak to the WebCart team.

Yes, provided one of our suppliers carries it. You will need to speak with the Manager or Buyer in charge of the department the item would belong to. You can find manager and buyer contacts on our Contact page. Please note, special orders of this nature cannot be returned.

No, not all items are eligible for special order. Beer and wine can be ordered by the case but no discount is offered. Some local items that are in high demand are ineligible for special orders. This includes local eggs, Tinder Hearth bread, and local milk. If you’re hoping to special order a local item, check with the WebCart team first.

Special Order Policy (please read carefully)

  • Special orders are available as a benefit to our Owners only.
  • Owner special orders for eligible grocery items are sold at a 15% discount off the shelf price.
  • Owner special orders for eligible vitamins/supplements are sold at a 20% discount off the shelf price. Vitamin/supplement special orders must be ordered in quantities of 3 or more to receive the special order owner discount on regularly stocked items.
  • The special order discount cannot be combined with other discounts: Co-op Deals, Manager Sales, Flash Sales, Owner Bonus Buys, BOGO, etc.
  • Co-op Basics items are eligible.
  • Supplier pack size is determined by our supplier and is the quantity in which the product is received by Blue Hill Co-op; one case typically contains 6 or 12 items but can contain more (or less) depending on the product.
  • Grocery products that come in a single-unit supplier pack size must be ordered in quantities of 12 or more to be eligible for the discount.
  • Partial cases are not permitted. If you do not wish to order a full case, it’s recommended you split cases with other owners.
  • Special orders for items not regularly stocked by Blue Hill Co-op receive the same discount as above. Please speak with WebCart staff to place an order for these items. PLEASE NOTE: These special orders may not be returned.
  • Any regularly stocked special order items that are returned or refused by the customer at time of pickup will be charged a re-stocking fee. The restocking fee is determined by each individual vendor.
  • There is no special order discount offered on beer & wine.
  • Because of high demand, certain local items are ineligible for special orders: Tinder Hearth bread, White Orchard cream, local milk, eggs, etc.
  • PAYMENT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO YOUR SPECIAL ORDER BEING PROCESSED. If unable to provide this at the time of your request, someone will contact you to obtain payment information over the phone.

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