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Food Access

According to the Maine Center for Economic Policy, more than one in 10 Maine households goes without nutritious food, making Maine the most food insecure state in New England. Childhood food insecurity rates in  Hancock County are even higher: according to Kids Count Data Center, 1 in 6 children in Hancock County live in food insecure households, which can have lifelong impacts on children’s physical health, mental health, and educational outcomes. 

SHARE Supporting Households and Reaching Everyone

What is SHARE?

At Blue Hill Co-op, we are committed to accessibility and inclusivity in our community. The SHARE (Supporting Household and Reaching Everyone) program is designed to make local, organic, and wholesome foods more affordable to qualifying members of our community.

How Does it Work?

SHARE provides a 10% discount on every purchase* for co-op owners who receive any of the following:

In order to access SHARE, Blue Hill Co-op owners must be current on equity payments.

*Discount has some exceptions such as periodicals & alcohol.

*SHARE can be used in conjunction with Farm Fresh Rewards

*WIC or SSI benefits qualify you to participate in SHARE, however we do not currently accept either as a form of payment.

How Do I Apply?

Cashiers can provide an application or download here.

You Will Need:

  1.  A photocopy of the qualifying document for ONE of the benefit programs listed.
  2. One form of photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, student ID, passport). All qualifying documents must state the applicant’s name.

How Do I Use It?

The SHARE discount will be linked to your owner account and automatically applied to all your purchases. In order to access the discount, please be sure to give the cashier your owner information every time you shop. Cashiers can access your account with your owner number, last name, or owner tag.

We will contact you once your application has been approved.

SHARE participants must reapply annually.

Your information is confidential and will be used only for co-op ownership and the SHARE program. We may contact you about ownership renewal and SHARE program membership.

Food Assistance Programs

In addition to SHARE, Blue Hill Co-op accepts SNAP/EBT and participates in the Farm Fresh Rewards Program.

SNAP/EBT is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net in the country, offering nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families and providing economic benefits to communities.

Farm Fresh Rewards – SNAP/EBT shoppers receive a 50% point-of-purchase discount on eligible fruits, vegetables, legumes, and seedlings.
  • With Farm Fresh Rewards SNAP/EBT shoppers receive a 50% point-of-purchase discount on a wider variety of eligible fruits, veggies, legumes, and seedlings.
  • Be sure to tell the cashier that you will be using your SNAP/EBT card to receive the discount
  • Use the map above to find participating locations, and look for in-store labels to find eligible food.
  • The Farm Fresh Rewards discount is eligible on fresh, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables and contain no added salt, sugars, or fats. Food-producing seeds and seedlings count too!
  • The Farm Fresh Rewards discount is available at any store participating in the Farm Fresh Rewards program.

The Blue Hill Co-op works with several local food pantries and community organizations, with donations or by hosting food drives. 

Food Donation Made Easier

At anytime of the year, the Co-op will accept food donations and drop them at the Food Pantry. If you want to help but feel overwhelmed about what to buy, purchase a Co-op gift card for the amount you’d like to spend and tell the cashier it’s for food donations. We will use the gift card to shop for a food pantry donation and drop it off for you. $20, $50, or $100, whatever you can afford can make a difference, and we’re happy to do the leg work. Thank you for your generosity.

Generally Needful Items:

  • canned meat or fish
  • soup
  • canned vegetables and fruit
  • pasta and sauce
  • cereal and boxed milk/milk alternatives
  • baby food
  • condiments

Thoughtful tips:

  • Powdered or boxed milk is important if you’re donating boxed mac and cheese or cereal. 
  • If you can, donate canned goods with pop tops in case people do not have can openers.
  • Oil for cooking is basic but rarely donated.
  • Ditto for spices, salt, and pepper.
  • Tea bags and coffee are a real treat.
  • Cake mixes can make a child’s birthday.
  • Feminine hygiene products are needed and very rarely donated.
  • Canned pet food can help a family keep their four-legged members fed.
  • Cash donations allow the pantry to fill in the gaps.
  • If you yourself are tightening your belt, the brand Field Day has hundreds of items at low cost, available through the Co-op Basics program. They make great donations.

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