Co-op Board of Directors

Meetings of the Board of Directors are currently held the third Tuesday of every month starting at 6:30pm at the Blue Hill Library or in the Co-op Cafe. Owners are welcome to attend, and there are ten minutes at the opening of the meeting allotted for comments from individual owners.


The board MinutesThe By-Laws ● Election Results


Current Board Members

President: Mia Strong

Vice President: Jim Picariello

Secretary: Susan Snider

Treasurer: Tim Tunney

Diane Bianco

Jerome Lawther

Edie Dunham 

 Aaron Dority

Deborah Evans

Co-op Board representatives serve three-year terms and may stand for re-election.

General Board Contact

Join the Board

Are you an owner with a desire to serve the Co-op?

Download the application and instructions here.

Email Allison Watters for more information



  • Enthusiasm and motivation

  • Computer skills and easy access to email

  • Ability to read and understand financial statements (not required, will train)

  • Experience in retail and/or business experience helpful (not required)

  • Previous board experience preferred (not required)

Skills:  Enthusiasm and motivation are very important attributes in a prospective board member.  Computer skills and easy access to email are essential, as much information is exchanged between scheduled board meetings.  While the following are not required, some experience is helpful in:  ability to read a financial statement, retail and/or business experience, and previous board experience.

We also ask that directors be dedicated to the cooperative, its owners, and its mission, with un-conflicted loyalty to the interests of Ownership. Directors must be able to participate actively in discussions, adhere to the intent of established policies, and stand behind board decisions. Directors must be good communicators, able to make consensus decisions in a group setting while thinking in terms of systems and context. Also, it is important that directors exercise independent judgment, even as they collaborate in cultivating a working sense of the vision, values, and long-term goals of the cooperative.

Meetings are currently held the third Tuesday of every month starting at 6:30pm at the Blue Hill Public Library or at the Co-op Cafe.

If you have been a Co-op Owner for at least 6 months and would like to receive a board member application, please email Or call the Co-op at 374-2165.  Thanks for your consideration!