Becoming a Co-op Owner


What it means to be an Owner

A co-op, or cooperative, is a type of business that is voluntarily owned by the people who use and operate it. In this way, resources can be pooled and the community has a voice in the store’s products and philosophies. Co-ops are democratically run, meaning Owners can vote and/or be elected to the Co-op’s Board of Directors. For more informatin on how cooperatives work, go here

By becoming an Owner, you contribute to the Co-op’s financial stability by adding to the amount of Owner equity we manage and hold in savings. We currently have a total of $255,874 in Owner equity. Click here to find out more about equity.


  • You become a stakeholder in a local business that supports the LOCAL ECONOMY.

  • 10% off during our monthly FULL MOON SALE.

  • Reduced prices on select items with Owner-only BONUS BUYS.

  • Discounts on PRE-ORDERS.

  • Potential for earning a discount by volunteering as a WORKING OWNER.

  • A VOTE in the Annual Board Election.

  • The opportunity to run as a CANDIDATE in board elections.

  • Eligibility for patronage DIVIDENDS.


Opportunities to Save

Being an Owner is about more than saving money but as an Owner you will have more opportunities to do so. 

  • Once a month, Owners get 10% off the entire store*! The Full Moon Sale is a great time to stock up on staples or simply pay less for your lunch that day.

  • See a pink tag in the store? As an Owner, Bonus Buys offer reduced prices on select items every month.

  • The Co-op offers pre-orders to all its customers but Owners pay less. This means that you can pre-order essentials like bulk rice, coffee, pet food, cleaning products, and even chocolate bars!

  • Owners have the additional option of becoming Working Owners by volunteering their time and talents for the co-op. Working Owners, who volunteer a total of two hours per-month for single adult households or four hours for two or more adults, earn a 10% discount on all purchases.

*the Full Moon sale does not include periodicals or pre-orders.

How do I become an OWNER?

Owners invest a total of $200 in equity. This can either be paid in one lump sum or you can pay $20 annually for 10 years. 
You can enjoy all the benefits of Ownership as soon as the first payment is made and processed. Once this equity is fully paid, you’re an Owner for life! 
Ask a cashier for an application today and start enjoying your life as an Owner!


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A strong community

We have continued to see steady growth in our Co-op Ownership. More than 1,900 neighbors and friends from as far away as Singapore are supporting our local food systems and economy.

Of those:

288 joined in 2018

827 (over 43%) are Fully Vested Owners- having paid their $200 equity in full (Paying your equity in full is a fantastic way to show your support for your Co-op.)

Approximately 600 first joined the Co-op 10 or more years. (At least 70% of those predate our switch to computerized record keeping.)


Be an active part of the Co-op

As a Co-op Owner, you will be able to participate in monthly and annual meetings and speak on policies and issues affecting the cooperative. Beyond a group of people buying together at the store, Co-op Owners are also linked to one another in other ways; the potential of a cooperative is large for creating a local food network that is safe, sustainable and accessible.

The Co-op Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of the month – Co-op Owners are encouraged to attend. The board sets aside 10 minutes of every meeting to hear from Owners.