Paintings Pictured Above are by Jane McNichol

Paintings Pictured Above are by Jane McNichol

Art in the Cafe

Every month, the Blue Hill Co-op features a local artist in the cafe. You may see paintings, photography, textiles, felted pieces, or any other type of visual art. We're proud to showcase artists from the Blue Hill Peninsula and to help people find new additions to their personal collections. 


Are you an artist?

If you're interested in having your artwork exhibited at the Blue Hill Co-op please contact Kipp Hopkins, our exhibition coordinator, at (207)-374-2165 or

This Month's Featured Artist is

Jane McNichol

Oil Paintings

As the millennium forges on, our technological advances increase exponentially. I paint in oils on canvas and travel a parallel path. I am drawn to the open spaces and natural light of the land. These spaces can be frightening and deeply spiritual. As with earlier painters of the 20th century , I continue on this course. The spirit of the individual facing the future head on is what has made the American culture the vanguard going into the 21st century. But, as with any culture, we cannot and should not forsake our past. If our future is to become so technologically dominant, we will need paintings, such as mine, to keep our spirit rooted to our land.
— Jane McNichol

Come into the Co-op Cafe to see this artwork in person, as well as the other pieces in the exhibination. 


Last Month's Artist was Mary Barnes

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