About Our Relocation

 Recently, the pavement went down for the parking lot. If you’re worried about the water runoff, fear not. We have done very extensive (and expertly engineered) work to create an environmentally stable drainage system that will protect the forest land behind us. Photo by Tim Seabrook.

Recently, the pavement went down for the parking lot. If you’re worried about the water runoff, fear not. We have done very extensive (and expertly engineered) work to create an environmentally stable drainage system that will protect the forest land behind us. Photo by Tim Seabrook.

 The well being drilled. Photo by Tim Seabrook.

The well being drilled. Photo by Tim Seabrook.

As of September, site work is moving forward for our new location. Drive by when you’re in Blue Hill, things are changing everyday!


Why is the Co-op moving?

Over the last 45 years, the Blue Hill Co-op has relocated many times as we've grown. We have operated out of the old Sedgwick School House, the Sedgwick Redemption Center, The Barn Castle, the former Blue Moose building, the Halcyon Grange, and in the earliest days we shifted monthly to different private residences of various Owners. The Co-op has been at 4 Ellsworth Road since 1993, and though it has been a happy home for us, we can't continue to grow at the rate we have in such a small space. Any one who has ever had to park at the Co-op in August can easily see why we need to upgrade. The same goes for anyone who has been in the back room on a delivery day during the busy season. 

Changing to a venue, that is not only bigger but actually designed for our needs, will enable us to continue to grow and evolve along with our community. 

Click here to read the Relocation Business Plan and view Investment Materials.

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Thank you to the over 200 Co-op Owners who have contributed $1,455,100 towards our relocation effort. If you're interested in supporting the move to South Street, stop in or call and ask to speak with Kevin Gadsby, our General Manager. 

Site work progresses, and we are expecting a soft opening in June 2019 and a grand opening in July 2019!

How Will Expansion Benefit Our Community?

Expanding the Co-op will:

• Provide additional jobs.

• Generate tax revenue.

• Provide opportunities for more local farmers and vendors to sell their wares.

• Offer a wider variety of fresh, high-quality food.

• Serve as a model for other cooperative businesses.

• Enhance our ability to support a thriving local economy.

• Provide a community room to host educational programs for everyone.

How can I help the Blue Hill Co-op's Relocation?

First: Plant The Seed

Join the Blue Hill Co-op and become an Owner.  Owners are a massive part of our success and growth.

Second: Keep Shopping

Take advantage of Full Moon Sales, monthly Co-op Deals and Owner Bonus Buys.

Third: Pay off your Equity

If you are an Owner and are able, consider paying more than the required $20 per year. To date, 42% of our Owners have paid their equity in full.

Fourth: Donate

You can make a non-deductible donation directly to the Co-op or make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor Eastern Maine Development Corporation (more info below.)

Fifth: InvesT!

The Co-op is raising money for our relocation. You can be a part of this by buying preferred shares. If you’re interested, please contact Kevin Gadsby.

Join the hundreds of Co-op Owners who have contributed to our relocation!

For More Information Contact Kevin Gadsby, General Manager, gm@bluehill.coop | 207-374-2165


Investing in the Co-op’s Relocation

The Co-op has a long history. It has a broad reach. It has a great future. Now let’s give it WIDE AISLES!
— Co-op Investors Barbara Damrosch & Elliot Coleman, Four Season Farm
Sunflowe invest.jpg

We have had tremendous support from our Co-op Owners over the last two years of fundraising. We’re so close to meeting our goal and finishing the Co-op’s new home, but we need a little more to get there!

Phase Three of our fundraising campaign is officially open. Just as in Phase One, this investment offering is open to all Maine-resident Co-op members who wish to support our new storefront project through the purchase of preferred share investments. Preferred shares are available for immediate purchase and are divided into four series: A-1, A-2, A-3 & A-4. Each series has a respective redemption term as well as annual dividend rate. Each share is $100. The minimum purchase requirement is 1 share for a $100 investment. A Co-op member-owner can purchase up to 50 shares for a total investment of $5,000. Members that wish to purchase over $5,000 must be accredited by definition of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Available Preferred Shares - Maximum Offering $600,000

  • A-1: 1,000 shares, 3 year term, No Dividend

  • A-2: 1,000 shares, 5 year term, 2.5% Dividend

  • A-3: 1,500 shares, 7 year term, 3.5% Dividend

  • A-4: 2,500 shares, 10 year term, 4.5% Dividend

    >Investment materials<


Contact Kevin Gadsby for more information and to DISCUSS investment options.

207-374-2165 ● gm@bluehill.coop

We eat local food, support local businesses, it’s time to invest locally. I want to see the Co-op succeed and thrive. I’m helping with the next step
— Co-op Investor Deborah Wiggs, Clayfield Farm
The Co-op is part of the great community we have here in Blue Hill. I’m happy to invest in its future. We all benefit.
— Co-op Investor Bonnie Dean, Blue Hill
I believe in the Co-op model. We all come together here. Why wouldn’t I want to own a share? It’s my store.
— Co-op Employee and Investor Cat McNeal, Blue Hill
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Would you like to support the Co-op by donating to the relocation without buying a PREFERRED share?


You can direct your donations to Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 01-0281875) that has partnered with the Co-op to facilitate the expansion and relocation project.

Donations to EMDC will be combined and granted to the Co-op at key points in the relocation process. As EMDC is a nonprofit, donations to them are deductible to the extent the law allows.

Mail donations to:

Eastern Maine Development Corporations
ATTN: Blue Hill Co-op
40 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME 04401
REF: Blue Hill Co-op Relocation


If the tax benefits are not important, you can donate directly to the Co-op, care of:
Kevin Gadsby, General Manager.

What will the new store be like?

Blue Hill Co-op, 70 South Street, Blue Hill, ME

Now that the footprint of the building is visible at the work site, it’s beginning to be easier to see the scale of the new Co-op. However, if you need a three-dimensional example, it is comparable to the size of Rising Tide Co-op in Damariscotta. A building closer to home with a similar size is Blue Hill’s Rite Aid. When we say that you could fit two of our current building (minus the upstairs) inside the new store, we’re not exaggerating. What are we going to do with all that extra space? More of what we already do best! Every department is expanding their selections. This means that we will be carrying more amazing and responsibly sourced food from Maine and beyond. More health supplements and body care. More gift items and general merchandise. And more delicious food, made in the new, much larger, kitchen! Another great thing about our larger size is that we will be able to buy a larger volume and negotiate better prices with our suppliers. That means that our prices will likely go down.

We have spent lots of time and energy designing a Co-op that will not only be a great place to shop but a pleasant addition to Blue Hill’s appearance. We didn’t want to build another ugly store with a great big parking lot in front of it and not a tree in sight. Yes, we did have to cut down some trees in order to build, but we will be doing extensive landscaping, including the planting of indigenous trees. While we will have a large paved parking area (70+ spaces), it is to the side of the store, not in front. The modern habit of putting stores far from the road, showing off the number of cars parked there, is a development of the 1950s based on flawed principals and will not be followed. We both want to encourage walking traffic and show off our lovely new building. If you’re concerned about water runoff from our new parking lot, fear not. We have done extensive (and expertly engineered) work putting in an environmentally friendly drainage system. This will prevent our parking lot from damaging the forest land behind us and the property of those who live below.

While we may not be able to fit out the new store with solar power at first, we will be using several energy-saving and environmentally sound systems. For example, most grocery stores simply pump the heat made by their refrigeration units out into the world. In our new building, be will be using a method that allows us to use this excess heat for hot water and to keep the store warm in the winter. We are also hoping to offer electric car charging ports. We want this building will make as little impact on the environment as possible and to help others do the same!

The New Expanded

Blue Hill Co-op

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We are excited that you soon will have a new, bigger home to sell all your fine healthy goods.
— Anonymous Co-op Investor, Castine