Pre-ordering at the Co-op

In order to provide a clearer, simpler process for our customers and staff, we are adopting a new pre-order policy, as outlined below.


Pre-Order Policy

·      Pre-orders are orders placed for regularly stocked items as available in the supplier pack size. 

·      Pre-orders are available as a benefit to our Owners only. 

·      Owner pre-orders for eligible products are sold at a 15% discount off shelf price. 

·      Vitamin pre-order discount is 25% off shelf price. Vitamin pre-orders must be ordered in quantity of 3 or more to receive a pre-order discount on regularly stocked items.

·      The pre-order discount cannot be combined with other discounts such as Co-op Deals, & Bonus Buys. 

·      Co-op Basics items are eligible. 

·      Supplier pack size is defined as the quantity in which the product is received by Blue Hill Co-op. Most items are received at typically 6 per case or 12 per case. 

·      Partial cases are not permitted. If you do not wish to order a full case, it is recommended you split cases with other Owners. 

·      Products that have a single-unit supplier pack size must be ordered in quantity of 3 or more for discount eligibility.

·      Special orders are for items not normally stocked by Blue Hill Co-op but receive same discount as pre-orders above. Special orders may not be returned.  

·      There is no pre-order discount offered on beer & wine. 

·      Because of high demand, certain local items are ineligible for Pre-orders: 4 Season Eggs, Tinder Hearth Bread, White Orchard Cream.

To make a pre-order, please contact the head of the department you need to order from. You can either ask to speak with them when you’re in the store, or call us anytime.

You can view what Associated Buyers sells on their website.

You can view what UNFI sells by logging into the following account. PLEASE NOTE: The prices on UNFI are from a different pricing structure and are not representative of our Preorder policy. This link is merely to see what items are available to you for preorders.

Go To: (customer login portal)

Username: Chesterfield1

Password: Buyingclub1