The cafe is a vital piece to the Co-op puzzle. We take great pride in serving our community with quality, health conscious food, and our passion shines through in the creative dishes that we offer. From coffees roasted a town over, to handmade baked goods and savory salads, we hope you appreciate local, organic eating as much as we do.
— Savannah Jackson, Café Manager

Café Manager: Savannah Jackson


Breakfast and Breakfast Sandwiches Made to Order

The Co-op Café makes breakfast to order between 7am and 10am daily. Our Breakfast Sandwiches have been a popular choice for years now, but in the new location we’ve added more breakfast items, including breakfast plates, toast to go, and oatmeal.


Co-op Muffins

There are always at least three types of muffins available in the morning, one of which will be vegan and another gluten-free (with no tapioca). We do traditional flavors like blueberry and lemon poppy seed, and fun flavors like "Wowie Maui" (coconut, mint, chocolate chip) and "The Elvis: Hold the Bacon" (peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip). 


Other Breakfast Regulars

If you don't want a sandwich or muffin, we have several other regular breakfast items. Smoked salmon bagels are made everyday, with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, and capers! If you don't like salmon, we also sell bagels in a variety of flavors made by by Water's Edge Kitchen & Bakery in Sunset, Maine. But, maybe you just want a quick bite of protein to power your morning. We also always have hard boiled eggs available in the Grab & Go, made with local eggs!


Breakfast Specials 

We like to have fun in the morning. How do we do that? By making fun and creative breakfast dishes! This might include breakfast pizza, breakfast sliders, or egg bakes and fritatas! 


Hot & Salad Bar

One of the best things about our new café space is the Hot and Salad Bar. With all fresh, organic produce, as well as cheeses, cold proteins, and dried fruits and seeds, the salad bar offers you the opportunity to make your ideal green lunch. The hot bar has rotating themes, such as Indian, Latin, Asian, Southern, Greek, Italian, and Best Of. On Sundays, it has a variety of brunch options. Hot and ready for you to pack up and take with you or enjoy in the café. The hot and salad bar are both the same price, so you can mix and match them in your box. If you’d rather not use a cardboard to-go box, you’re welcome to bring in your own lunch container, just be sure to weigh it so the cashier can enter the tare.

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Café Soup

The café always has soup, hot and ready to eat in the café or on the go. Whether it is a Sweet Potato Bisque or a Thai Chicken Noodle, it is sure to be tasty and made with the best ingredients. Want to know what the soup is today? Call 207-374-2165 and ask to speak to someone in the café, we're happy to tell you what is available!



The café's most popular item is, of course, our sandwiches. Made on Borealis Sourdough Bread (or Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Bread) with only the best ingredients. We have a variety of meat, salad, and vegan options, made fresh daily and available in the café's Grab & Go.



When you’re in the mood for a hot, crisp, and delicious panini, we’ve got four options ready to be pressed into perfection. Cubano, Tofu Banh Mi, Chicken Pesto, and the Cheddar Monster! Made on local baguettes.



Everybody loves a good salad and in the co-op kitchen, we're no different! Whether it is a pasta salad, a potato salad, or a delightfully green kale salad, you can be sure it will be tasty! We always have a selection in the Grab & Go. If you're lucky you might find our famous Lemon Dill Kale Salad!


coffee, tea, and hot cocoa

The Co-op has a variety of brewed coffees available everyday in the cafe. We carry coffee from 44 North, Equal Exchange, and Wicked Joe. We also have a rotating coffee flavor. 

 Not a coffee drinker? We also have a selection of teas from Stash and Equal Exchange. Or maybe you have a sweet tooth? Our house-made hot cocoa mix may just hit the spot! And in the hot summer months we also carry iced coffee and tea! 


The Cafe Bakery

Who doesn't like a sweet snack in the afternoon? It helps us get the boost we need to finish our day. Check the goodies case to see what’s available. 


Local Bakers at the Co-op Cafe

The Co-op is proud to carry Tinder Hearth baked goods. This small wood fired pizzeria and bakery is based out of Brooksville. Their scones, croissants, pain au chocolat, chocolate chunk cookies, and danishes bring lines of people to the café counter on delivery days. Summer Delivery Schedule: Tuesday and Friday