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Art in the Café

APRIL 2018

The Co-op offers wall space in the Café to showcase different artists from our community each month. Are you a local artist? We’d love to see your art! Mary Barnes coordinates the exhibitions; please contact her at 610-2344 to discuss showing your artwork.


This Month: Kyle Chick


Kyle W. Chick, Documentarist

“I’m a documentarian from the Blue Hill Peninsula in Downeast Maine. I spent the past year based out of the Northeast and the Bay Area in California, traveling as projects dictated. My fascination with the documentary arts started when I was 16. Since then, my sole purpose in life is to create a lifetime of images and video for future generations to utilize and learn from. I work in many diverse fields of photography and videography including political, cultural, life milestones, gatherings, contractors, craftsmen, theatrical, conservation, fine art, nature, portraiture, lifestyle, travel, and adventure sports. I enjoy creative projects of all kinds.


“I believe to be a true documentarian one has to be capable and ready to recognize and capture high-quality, meaningful photographs at any given moment.”




“Tammy Bernard”






“Penobscot Bay”




Call/Text: 1(207) 801-8463

Instagram: @kylechickphoto