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Becoming an owner

We are pleased to say we have more than 1,600 owner-members to date, with approximately 34% of them fully vested as owners. To become an owner, you’ll need $20 to start, and an application. Start enjoying 10% off monthly at our Full Moon Sales as an owner and join a great community of local, organic food enthusiasts.

Click here to download a New Owner Application


NOTE:  Your equity payments and rebates are refundable at any time should you choose to terminate your ownership. Notice in writing of your intention to terminate is required prior to your renewal date.



Owner Feedback

We have a “2 Cents” Board by the register where you can write us questions, comments, requests and suggestions.  Here are a a few posts we’ve received lately (December 2016).


Owner Question:  When are you going to get rid of the rack in front of the Community Board?
We’re moving the rack shortly.   Thanks.  It served us well in the summertime.



Owner Request: Please bring back the jars in Bulk.
We removed the jars for several reasons: space confinements and sanitary concerns. Many people were bringing unclean jars and although we washed ALL jars in any event, it was too difficult for us to ensure what is offer is 100% sanitary.



Owner Comment:  Muffins seem to be too moist often.
We were  experimenting with some new vegan and regular organic recipes. That may be the difference. Ask for a taste next time you are in.