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The Blue Hill Co-op is owned by its customers. By becoming an owner, you contribute to the Co-op’s financial stability by adding to the amount of owner equity we manage and hold in savings. We currently have a total of $255,874 in member-owner equity.

Ownership costs $200, which can be paid in annual minimum increments of $20 for 10 years.  Often, member-owners choose to pay the full $200 in just a few years’ time. How you make your equity payments is up to you. We send out reminders each year when your next equity payment is due.




 You can find a member-owner guide at the cash registers at the Co-op or we can mail you one. Call and ask for Beth Dickens, Ownership Coordinator, x 19, or email

A strong community

We are happy to report that more than 1,700 of our neighbors and friends–from here and as far away as Singapore–are Member/Owners supporting our local food systems and economy. Of those:

• 398 have joined in the last year

• 8 out of the last 10 months (up to AUG. 2017), we have had a record number of new owner-memberships

• 690 (39.9%) are Fully Vested Members, having paid their $200 equity in full

Paying your equity in full is a fantastic way of showing your support for your co-op.

Be an active part of the Co-op’s 
As an owner, you will be able to participate in meetings and speak out on policy and issues affecting the cooperative. Beyond the group of people buying together at the store, owners are also linked to one another in other ways and the potential of a cooperative is large for creating a local food network that is safe, sustainable and accessible.  Our connection to one another is incredibly important.

The Co-op Board meets the third Tuesday of the month – Co-op owners are encouraged to attend. The board sets aside 10 minutes of every meeting to hear from owners.


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