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General Manager Search

The Blue Hill Co-op is pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin Gadsby as its new General Manager. The staff of the Co-op, the board of directors, and our owner-community enthusiastically welcome Kevin as we prepare for expansion to our new site, opening in the fall of 2018. We look forward to Kevin’s leadership and experience with managing and directing strong sales growth.


“My impressions of the Blue Hill Co-op  as well as what I’ve read about it is that the Co-op is a true community food hub.”

— Kevin Gadsby, incoming General Manager



About Kevin

For nearly 20 years Kevin has been engaged in the natural foods retail & food service sector. During this time, he has led in the creation and growth of community food markets, organic and natural foods café’s, and an artisan bakery with a primary focus on the promotion of organic, local and regional foods.  Kevin has served as Project Manager, Finance Administrator & General Manager.  All of the businesses under his leadership have received various awards and have been recognized on many “Best Of” lists.

Kevin’s most recent accomplishments were realized while serving as General Manager of Good Tern Co-op in Rockland, ME (2011 to 2014).  As GM, he facilitated a growth rate of nearly 35% during his 3-year term. There, he led the process of an interior renovations project, coordinated the funding process, installation of a new POS system, streamlined operations, and created 7 additional jobs.

In April of 2014, Kevin was named Project Manager to lead the process of opening the recently established Portland Food Co-op, a community-owned market in Portland, Maine, later becoming General Manager. In March of 2015, Kevin accepted the position of Managing Director of Main Street Markets, where he worked as a consultant toward opening a local and specialty foods grocer & café in the coastal town of Rockland, Maine.

Before accepting the GM position at Blue Hill Co-op, Kevin served as GM of Bareburger Organic restaurant in Center City Philadelphia, where he was instrumental in steering the restaurant out of  challenging times toward a steady trend of growth.

Having lived in and loved New England for the past 20 years, Kevin is eager to join the Blue Hill Co-op team. He plans to begin as General Manager at BHC at the end of October.  Please help us welcome Kevin, his wife, and three children to the Co-op and the Blue Hill Peninsula.