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About Our Relocation

Why is the Co-op moving?

We are moving our store to a new site on South Street to expand our retail space.DSCN0023

How Will Expansion Benefit Our Community?

Expanding the Co-op will:

• Provide additional jobs.

• Generate tax revenue.

• Provide opportunities for more   local farmers and vendors.

• Offer a wider variety of fresh, high quality food.

• Serve as a model for other cooperative businesses.

• Enhance our ability to support a thriving local economy.

• Provide a community room to host educational programs for everyone.





How Can I Help The Co-op Grow?

First: Plant The Seed

Join the Blue Hill Co-op and become an owner.  Owners are a huge part of our success and growth.
Second: Keep Shopping
Take advantage of Full Moon Sales, monthly  Co-op Deals and owner Bonus Buys.
Third: Pay off your Equity
If you are a member-owner and are able, consider paying more than the required $20 per.  To date, 42% of our owner-members have paid their equity in full. 

Contact Information: Kevin Gadsby, General Manager, | 207-374-2165

Store Hours
7 am – 7 pm

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Blue Hill Co-op Community Market and Café
4 Ellsworth Rd., PO Box 1133, Blue Hill, ME 04614
(207) 374-2165
Open Every Day from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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