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About Our Relocation

Why is the Co-op moving?

We are moving our store to a new site on South Street to expand our retail space.DSCN0023

How Will Expansion Benefit Our Community?

Expanding the Co-op will:

• Provide additional jobs.

• Generate tax revenue.

• Provide opportunities for more   local farmers and vendors.

• Offer a wider variety of fresh, high quality food.

• Serve as a model for other cooperative businesses.

• Enhance our ability to support a thriving local economy.

• Provide a community room to host educational programs for everyone.

How Can I Help The Co-op Grow?

First: Plant The Seed

Join the Blue Hill Co-op and become an owner.  Owners are a huge part of our success and growth.

Second: Cultivate Your Knowledge

What Are Preferred Shares?

Preferred shares are dividend-bearing investments.  They do not carry any special voting rights; the Co-op is still one owner, one vote, one co-op.

How To Invest:

1. Become a Co-op owner  – if you have any questions contact the Ownership Coordinator at

2. Contact General Manager Kevin Gadsby to set up an appointment.

During your appointment we will review the Owner Investment Packet and Business Plan with you.  This packet provides you with information about the Co-op’s relocation, describes the cooperative history and values, and the uses of the funds raised through the sale of preferred shares.

Third: Reap The Benefits

Invest In Preferred Shares

Shares are available to Blue Hill Co-op owners who are also Maine State residents.

What Are The Dividend Rates?

 There will be four series of shares in this offering, each with differing terms, and with different annual dividend rates as follows:


What Is The Minimum I can Invest?

The minimum purchase is one share at $100.


Contact Information: Kevin Gadsby, General Manager, | 207-374-2165

Store Hours
7 am – 7 pm

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Blue Hill Co-op Community Market and Café
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Open Every Day from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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